Fertility, Conception Certified Doula Pre & Post-Pregnancy Care

Regulating menses and supporting your health before conception is a sure way to have a happy healthy pregnancy. Most healthcare providers recommend beginning your conception journey up to 12 months prior to conceiving as to promote the best chances of conception.  Regardless of whether it’s your first or third planned child, studies show that acupuncture can provide a higher percent chance of conception.

Coordination between acupuncture sessions and consultations with your midwife or physician can prevent illness, harmonize pregnancy, encourage healing and helps prepare for birthing.  Acupuncture is sometimes the only treatment available when medications are not suitable for use during pregancy.

Benefits are:
-subdue nausea
-relieve pain and reduce stress
-improve circulation
-change breech presentation
-natural preparation for birthing/induction
-restores body balance post birth

Acupuncture can start anytime during pregancy.  Recommended is one treatment per month until 36 weeks, then weekly until your baby arrives.