Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) rests on the concept that existing in the body are pathways of energy called meridians. These meridians originate in a person's internal organs and flow through their entire body. The Chinese medicine approach focuses on meridian balancing. In order to achieve meridian balance, factors such as age, diet, personal habits and physical and emotional traits must be accounted for in addition to your symptoms and complaints. This encompassing perspective allows for a clear evaluation of areas in your meridian system that are experiencing blockage and an imbalance of your body energy called Qi.

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An acupuncture treatment can be used to address both acute and chronic problems. Additionally, your acupuncturist is trained to recognize disease before it manifests as a serious illness...

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Herbs & Aromatherapy

Herbs are primarily composed of natural ingredients; as such their use does not create the toxicity and side effects associated with prescribed pharmaceutical products.

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Fertility, Conception, Pre-Natal, Birth
Acupuncture is sometimes the only treatment available when medications are not suitable for use during pregancy.
Benefits are: subdued nausea, pain relief, and reduced stress...

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Modern Diagnostics

In consultation I use a variety of methods including:

Pulse diagnosis, Tongue diagnosis, Muscle testing (kinesiology)...

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Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic Acupuncture Renewal is an innovative system that uniquely addresses the muscles of the face, causing a tightening and toning action that results in a “lifted” appearance.

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Acupoint Injection Therapy

AIT is a complementary injective therapy that combines Traditional Chinese Medicine with physical medicine...

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