Modern diagnostic testing for allergies, stress, biological & hormones


IMG_4627_smIn order to achieve meridian balance, factors such as age, diet, personal habits, physical and emotional traits must be accounted for in addition to your symptoms and complaints.

Diagnosis involves understanding patterns of sickness and health. In consultation, I use a variety of methods including:

  • Pulse diagnosis,
  • Tongue diagnosis,
  • Muscle testing (kinesiology),
  • Bio Meridian Scans for allergies,
  • Bio-Terrain Analysis (BTA),
  • Food Sensitivity testing, and
  • Hormone panel testing.

This gives me a bigger picture as to what is really going on, and then acupuncture or herbal therapy is given. Most sessions last an hour and patients usually feel very relaxed and calmer than when they first came in. Quite often, patients get a lot of relief if they’ve been in pain. Patients re-connect their awareness of mind to body and gain more knowledge on how to take care of themselves.

This whole body approach allows for a clear evaluation of your particular health state.